Supercharge your Results in a Blink of a Needle

Supercharge your Results in a Blink of a Needle

M.pen is the latest most innovative technology when it comes to dermal needling or collagen induction therapy. M.pen glides over the skin, rapidly creating millions of micro channels triggering a wound healing response to promote the production of new stronger denser collagen, in conjunction with ampules of concentrated actives, tailored to specifically address your skin goals. 

Supercharge collagen production resulting in smoother, even textured, more luminous skin with “bounce”. I am super passionate about this incredible treatment because it GETS RESULTS. FAST. However, laying the right foundation for ultimate skin health is still going to get the best long term improvement. A holistic approach and using the right homecare prescriptives and enzymes to REBUILD the skins structure and functioning. What can adding dermal needling into your routine means that we can work little deeper, challenge the skin in a controlled effective way to increase skin density, texture firmness and clarity.

What can microneedling treat?

Due to the ultra fine tip of the m.pen, it can be used on any area of the body. 

Not only is it great for targeting fine lines under and around the eyes but it can also effectively improve the appearance of deep acne or surgical scars (breast augmentation, cesarean, facelift scarring) as well as stretch marks. Dermal needling can help plump thinning fragile skin and reduced diffuse redness and help to even pigmentation.

Because micro-needling works with your skins own natural renewal process without lasers or pulsed light, m.pen can safely treat all skin types and colours.

Posted: Thursday 30 May 2019